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The Expensive Life Of Aunty Success & Mark Angel | Net Worth, Biography, Cars, Houses, Pets

Success popularly known as Aunty Success is a fast rising Nigerian kid Comedian who was discovered by Mark Angel Comedy skit. She was born on 19th July 2013 in Port Harcourt And She is currently 5 years old as of 2019. She is currently the cousin to Mark Angel and Emmanuella Samuel. Success is still in primary school and is very intelligent, brilliant and clever.

She came into limelight after featuring in the Mark Angel Comedy skit. She became very famous after starring in several episodes of Mark Angel Comedy skit and is known for her hilarious performance and display. She joined the Mark Angel Comedy crew in late 2017 and due to her intelligent she masters her lines very well.

She has been regarded as one of the most talented child actresses in Nigeria, whose comic display makes people laugh and never stop. She is currently one of the most popular kid celebrity in Nigeria known all over the world. She is very talented and knows how to interpret her role very well.

Success is just five years old, but people tend to call her Aunty Success because of her smartness, brilliance, courage, braveness and wisdom. She is very smart and when she speaks you will think it is an adult talking. She is currently one of the most influential kid comedienne and celebrity child actress in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $ 25,000.