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TVC presenter Nyma Akashat- Zibiri said that child marriage should be allowed once the children involved start having sexual urges.

While giving her reaction to the viral pre-wedding photos of young Nigerian couple, who are reportedly 17 (male) and 15(female) years old, she stated that Child marriage is a world thing and not necessarily islamic.

She said: “The act is not necessarily ‘Islamic’. But when sexual urges start to come, one of the measures to curb it, is to allow them get married.

”In the United State, except from two states, the minimum age for marriage is 16 years but requires consent of an adult till they turn 18. In the UK as well. So this is a world thing but only with a clause of parental consent.”

She added that she would allow her daughter to engage in child marriage to avoid premarital sex.

”If my daughter wants to marry at a young age, I would first have the necessary conversations with her and if i know this is what she wants, i will allow her. I won’t allow premarital sex in my house.