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Image result for atiku and the youthAfter due consultations and series of investigations within and outside the country, one of the Atiku/Obi support groups in the just concluded Presidential Poll has taken to the media to publish the supposed poll results from the 36 states of the country, FCT inclusive.

They argued how INEC made shifts from the original figures recorded by International Observers and PDP Agents. The support group known as U4/ATIKU/OBI vows to drag INEC to court for this electoral misconduct.

Details of the main figures below:

(1) Abia: INEC declared results: APC-85,058, PDP-219,698: Int’l Observers/PDP obtained results(same with INEC declared figures)

(2) Anambra: INEC declared: APC-33,298, PDP-524,738-same with int’l observers/PDP obtained results

(3) Imo: INEC declared: APC-140,961, PDP-334,923-same with int’l observers/PDP obtained results

(4) Ebonyi: INEC declared: APC-90,726, PDP-258,573: int’l observers/PDP(2 votes reduced from PDP votes)

(5) Enugu: INEC declared: APC-54,423, PDP-355,553: int’l observers/PDP remarks (200 votes added to PDP)

(6) Cross River: INEC Declared: APC-117,302, PDP-295,737: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-17,303, PDP-395, 737 (remarks-100,001 added to APC and 100,000 votes deducted from PDP)

(7) Rivers: INEC declared: APC-150,710, PDP-473,971: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-102,195, PDP-7019,044 (remarks-48,515 votes added to APC and 245, 073 deducted from PDP)

(8) Delta: INEC declared: APC-221,392, PDP-594,068: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-171,556, PDP-611,228 (remarks: 49,726 votes added to APC and 17, 160 deducted from PDP)

(9) Edo: INEC declared: APC-267,842, PDP-275,691: int’l observers/PDP(remarks: 42 votes added to APC and 10 added to PDP)

(10) Bayelsa: INEC declared: APC-118,821, PDP-197,933: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-56,910, PDP-414,614 (remarks: 216, 618 votes deducted from PDP)

(11) Akwa Ibom: INEC declared: APC-175,429, PDP-395,832: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-75,429, PDP-497,831 (remarks: 1000,000 votes added to APC and 101, 999 deducted from PDP)

(12) FCT: INEC declared: APC-152,224, PDP-259,997: int’l observers/PDP votes (same with INEC declared)

(13) Kogi: INEC declared: APC-285, 894, PDP-218,207: int’l observers/PDP results (same)

(14) Benue: INEC declared: APC-347, 668, PDP-356,817: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-147,668, PDP-555, 255 (remarks: 200,000 votes added to APC and 198, 438 deducted from PDP)

(15) Niger: INEC declared: APC-612,371, PDP-318,052: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-512,371, PDP-318,052(remarks: 100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 deducted from  PDP)

16. Plateau: INEC declared: APC-468,555, PDP-548,665: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

17. Nasarawa: INEC declared: APC-289,903, PDP-283,847: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

18. Kwara: INEC declared: APC-308,984, PDP-138,484: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

19. Ogun: INEC declared: APC-281, 762, PDP-194,655: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

20. Ekiti: INEC declared: APC-219, 231, PDP-154,032: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

21. Ondo: INEC declared: APC-241,769, PDP-275, 901: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

22. Osun: INEC declared: APC-347,632, PDP-337,377: int’l observers/PDP remarks (20,000 votes deducted from PDP votes)

23. Oyo: INEC declared: APC-365,229, PDP-366,690: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-265,229, PDP-466,690(remarks: 100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 votes deducted from PDP)

24. Lagos: INEC declared: APC-580,825, PDP-448,015: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-480,814, PDP-548,061(remarks-100,011 votes added to APC and 100, 046 deducted from PDP)

25. Adamawa: INEC declared: APC-378,078, PDP-410,266: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

26. Bauchi: INEC declared: APC-798,428, PDP-209,313: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-598,428, PDP-409,313 (remarks-200,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)

27. Gombe: INEC declared: APC-402,961, PDP-138, 848: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

28. Yobe: INEC declared: APC-497,914, PDP-50,763: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-297,914, PDP-250,763(remarks-200,000 added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP votes)

29. Borno: INEC declared: APC-838,496, PDP-71,788: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-536,496, PDP-371,788 (remarks-302,000 votes added to APC and 300,000 deducted from PDP)

30. Jigawa: INEC declared: APC-734,738, PDP-289,895: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-489,895, PDP-594,338(remarks-305 votes added to APC and 305 deducted from PDP)

31. Taraba: INEC declared: APC-324, 906, PDP-274,743: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-224,096, PDP-474,743(remarks-100,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)

32. Kaduna: INEC declared: APC-993,445, PDP-649,612: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-893,445, PDP-749,612(remarks-100,000 votes added to APC and 100,000 deducted from PDP)

33. Sokoto: INEC declared: APC-490,333, PDP-361,604: int’l observers/PDP remarks (same)

34. Zamfara: INEC declared: APC-438,682, PDP-125, 423: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-389,001, PDP-256,490(remarks-49,681 votes added to APC and 131,067 deducted from PDP)

35. Kastina: INEC declared: APC-1,232, 133, PDP-308,056: int’l observers/PDP results: APC- 1,032, 133, PDP-508,056(remarks-200,000 votes added to APC and 200,000 deducted from PDP)

36. Kebbi: INEC declared: APC-581, 552, PDP-154,282: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-399, 729, PDP-198,755 (remarks-181,823 votes added to APC and 44, 473 deducted from PDP)

37. Kano: INEC declared: APC-1,464, 768, PDP-391,593: int’l observers/PDP results: APC-1,064, 768, PDP-791,593 (remarks-400,000 votes added to APC and 400,000 deducted from PDP).

They ask all reasonable Nigerians to get busy with every other necessary investigations relevant to this electoral fraud engineered by INEC as they will hear from their advocates very soon.