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As Christians and non Christians alike prepare for 2019 Easter celebration, the Catholic Bishop of Nnewi, Most Rev. Hilary Odili Okeke has threatened to sanction any Catholic faithful who will turn the Easter celebration into  a feast of idolatrous title taking and celebration.

Bishop Okeke’s declaration was contained in an Easter message he delivered at the Assumption Cathedral, Nnewi yesterday. The Catholic Bishop of Nnewi regretted that some of the Church members who call themselves Christians also join in traditional practices that were connected with idols, false gods and goddesses in the name of their belief in Igbo culture.

He condemned some cultural and traditional practices attached to  eight deities in Igboland such as  Edo, Idemili, Ogwugwu, Ulasi, Agwu, Akwu, Ala  and Ofala. He accused the people of practicing idolatrous activities and  celebrating them, adding that Ozo title taking, Ofala and others that have idolatrous practices and celebrations attached to them must not be taken or celebrated by Catholics. He said that  members of the groups were ready to abandon true Christianity in order to be faithful to Igbo culture, customs and traditions without regard to those practices attached to deities. “Sad to say, some Christians throw away their baptismal names, the names of their new lives by baptism. Some people publicly demonstrate their way of life as Christians but privately and secretly send people to carry out for them the idolatrous activities attached to their customary and traditional practices,” he lamented.