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A three-day old baby has allegedly been stolen from Plateau State Specialists Hospital, Jos, the state capital, from her mother.

The suspected baby thief was said to have disguised as a hospital worker and claimed to be acting on the instruction of the doctor to bring the infant.

The 30-year-old mother, Mary Chukwuebuka, who addressed reporters on Wednesday in Jos, said the baby was taken away from her on Friday, May 31, three days after birth, by a lady who disguised as a hospital medical worker.

She said: “The lady who took my baby dressed in a laboratory coat, just like the hospital worker, came straight to my bed in the hospital and requested to carry the baby to the children’s ward for blood sample.

“At first, I resisted and said a doctor just left here after a cross-examination but she did not mention that the baby was sick or there was need to run a task.

“The lady insisted that she was directed by the doctor to carry the child to children’s ward for blood sample. I willingly released my baby to her, believing that she was a medical personnel working in the hospital.”

Mrs. Chukwuebuka said she came to the hospital on May 28 and gave birth the following day at 4:47 a.m while the baby was stolen on May 31.

“I went through all the antenatal care in this same hospital and I delivered in this hospital. I was just waiting to be discharged when this happened.